About Nick Brown

BTAC LLC is a tactical training company tailored to training civilians for chaotic situations such as active shooters, robbery, burglary and physical use of force. The staff of BTAC will come to your business, school, daycare, church or residence. We will conduct a site assessment and formulate a plan and teach you how to respond to a dangerous situation specific to your surroundings. Our goal is to mitigate injury by controlling chaos to buy time as law enforcement responds.

The owner and lead trainer of BTAC is Nick Brown. Nick is a prior military and 12-year law enforcement officer currently assigned to training other law enforcement. As a law enforcement trainer, Nick trains officers in response to active shooter tactics, firearms, tactical combat casualty care, driving and the legalities of use of force. Nick is also a member of a SWAT team which translates to knowledge of current trends in close quarter combat, door and window breaching, tactical medicine, advanced firearms, high order explosives and more. BTAC is fortunate to have several other high quality trainers. Every trainer employed by BTAC is a current law enforcement officer and SWAT operator.

If interested in a free consultation please call or email BTAC.